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On a stroll in Reykjavík – Houses and beautiful views

21 Mar , 2015  


Exactly one week ago I decided to go for a stroll in parts of Reykjavík that I haven’t explored much before. I’ve been through these areas before but not always during the day and with having time to stop and look around. It’s incredible what you can discover when you actually just stop and take in […]

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More from the photo trip around Iceland

31 Jan , 2015  


So this is post 2 of photos from the trip I took with my friend Marian Chytka a while back. We set out and a photo journey driving the circle around Iceland and photographing what ever came in our way. We visited so many beautiful places and still we didn’t have time so see all […]

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Iceland in pictures

Photos from my trip around Iceland

27 Jan , 2015  


In 2012 I went around the country with my Czech friend Marian Chytka who is a motorsport photographer. He felt like taking photos of something else for a change so we decided to do this trip. Here are some photos to start us off that I hope you will enjoy. I have many more coming […]

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Top 5 best videos of Iceland

18 Jan , 2015  

Skärmavbild 2015-01-18 kl. 21.38.18

Here are my top 5 picks of best videos of Iceland. There are so many videos of Iceland on YouTube, Vimeo and other places today. I thought I would save you some trouble of finding them. These are my top picks and I don’t base them necessarily on video quality or professionalism. For me it’s […]

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Iceland in pictures

A great view over Reykjavík

13 Jan , 2015   Gallery


I had the privilege today to go on top of one of the tallest buildings in Reykjavík. Of course the view was amazing. Just wanted to share this view with you.

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Iceland My Way is back!

11 Jan , 2015  

Jökulsárlón, the beautiful glacier lagoon.

Dear friends, followers and Iceland lovers, Iceland My Way is finally back. This time in the shape of a more simple idea, but equally enjoyable. This will be a blog about Iceland and what Iceland is for me and the experiences of Iceland through my eyes. For the many years I’ve lived in Iceland now […]