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My top 5 best Vimeo videos of Icelandic nature

Iceland is truly a dream destination for many film makers and photographers. With Icelands increasing popularity and technology evolving so much every day more and more amazing videos of Icelands stunning landscape emerge. When I started writing this I was sure it would be an easy task to round up my top 5 favorite Vimeo videos of Icelandic nature, but it was proven to be way harder than I thought. There are so much stunning footage out there once you start digging. Well I managed at last to gather them and here are my top 5, plus a few honorary mentions to make sure you don't miss out on some stunning stuff! Oh! And hey, don't forget to press the HD button to let the footage really shine.   5. ICELAND. LAND OF FIRE AND ICE. - by Jordan Bastoni With the quite recent addition and increasing population of drones we're able to see things from a birds view, which I must admit is pretty darn cool. This video is a prime example of what new angles you can achieve with a drone and a camera.   4. MIDNIGHT SUN - by SCIENTIFANTASTIC There are few things that are as…

TRAVEL TIPS: My top 10 places to visit first trip to Iceland

Alright! So you are dreaming of or planning a trip to Iceland. Let me tell you about my top 10 favorite places that you shouldn't miss! I'll start by posting from all around the country and in the future I'll make more posts that will narrow it down to smaller areas. Here are my favorite locations: #10 Skógafoss waterfall Let's start off with this great majestic waterfall just a few minutes off the ring road. Located just underneath Eyjafjallajökull this waterfall became a muddy mess back in April of 2010 during the eruption. There is two recommended ways of seeing this waterfall: #1 From your car by the parking lot - #2 You can climb the stairs built next to it and be impressed by it's size from the side and above. Side note: Skógar is also where the infamous Laugavegur hiking trail starts and decent camping facilities is just by the waterfall.   #9 Svínafellsjökull glacier Svínafellsjökull glacier is located on the south east coast, close to Skaftafell national park. It's one of the most accessible glaciers in Iceland and you can actually drive almost all the way up to it. From your car it's a 50-100 meter walk to…
Svínafellsjökull before and after eruption

THROUGH MY LENS: Volcano eruption 2011 – before and after

Do you remember the volcano eruption in Iceland 2011? No not that one, I'm talking about the second one, the year after. I'm talking about Grímsvötn which erupted under Vatnajökull glacier in May 2011. As it happens to be, I was in the area just underneath the eruption and got hit quite bad with ash. I was going over some photos the other day and found these two photos taken in the beginning of May and in the end of May, 29 days between. The eruption started 21st of May 2011. PHOTO: Svínafellsjökull glacier before the Grímsvötn volcano eruption 2011. Photo is taken 2nd of May 2011, the eruption started 19 days later.   PHOTO: Svínafellsjökull glacier after the eruption of Grímsvötn volcano in 2011. Photo is taken 30th of May 2011, 9 days after the eruption. I don't think it needs more explanation, the glacier got completely covered in ash. On a good note, the glacier didn't melt as much that year!
Ocean views in Reykjavík

THROUGH MY LENS: A walk on the side streets of Reykjavík

When you're in Reykjavík, don't just stay on the main streets. The side streets of Reykjavík are actually really interesting. What you will see there isn't close to in any other big city. Just by walking a few streets away you will find yourself surrounded by the kind of houses that Reykjavík once was made of. Not so long ago I did this and got fascinated by what I found.             One of the more modern buildings in Reykjavík built to give people comfort and a great view.   This house still stands but has been built around with many more modern buildings.   Houses along Hverfisgata in Reykjavík   There is always something interesting to see on the side streets of Reykjavík.     Graffiti is wide spread and a popular form of art in Reykjavík.         This house caught my eyes on Hverfisgata close to down town Reykjavík. A black house with a bright red roof isn't something you see every day.   …


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