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About those pink hay bales

If you’ve been traveling in Iceland recently you might have noticed something different and colorful with the countryside landscape. You know those white balls laying around on fields that farmers has made? We all have different names and explanations of what it is. For example I, as a kid, always called them “alien eggs”. For me there was no other explanation, no living animal could ever make an egg that big!

imageWe’re all grown up now and we know that the farmer dries his hay on the fields during the warm summer days to wrap it up and save it for later.

So why are the bales pink?

In Iceland, the company producing the plastic to wrap the hay with together with the farmers, has decided to this summer raise awareness of breast cancer. This by wrapping hay bales this summer in pink plastic. They also donate money to research for breast cancer for each roll of plastic wrap sold. Isn’t that great?

So when driving in Iceland and you see those pink hay bales, it’s not just for fun, but to together fight breast cancer.