Behind the camera – What you didn’t know about me

Lately I’ve felt like it’s time to make things a bit more personal. I’ve realized that the stories and experiences I share here might be more interesting and make more sense with a person behind it. So I decided to write a small introduction of my self and what I do.


Jimmy Wallster

This is me with the serious face that comes along with droning.

Let’s start. My name is Jimmy Wallster, I’m a Swede with a burning interest for traveling, photography and skiing. I came to Iceland the first time back in 2007, at first just for a few months of work, but fell in love with the country…. and an Icelandic girl. For that reason I came back early 2008 and have since been in Iceland more or less and I have experienced an economical crisis, a tourist boom and no less than two proper volcano eruptions. We have lived in a few places in Iceland, first in Freysnes close to Skaftafell on the south coast, we then moved to Húsavík in the north, and then to Patreksfjörður in the westfjords. Today we live in the “big” city, Reykjavík.

I’m educated in the hotel and restaurant sector and have been working in the industry since 2004. I arrived  in Iceland in the beginning of the tourist boom and have been working in and running hotels all over the country. Seeing the amount of tourists go from 460.000 a year in 2008 to almost 1,3 million in 2015. Seeing and taking part while the country adjusts and expands has been nothing short of spectacular. To imagine that a country of some 330.000 inhabitants will by all likes of it have served over 1,7 million tourists by the end of 2016 is just crazy. I’m sure that few could have imagined this a few years back.

Us on a beach in the westfjords

Here we are on a beach in Tálknafjörður in the westfjords. Just a magical place.


After having spent some time in Iceland, back in 2010, I though to my self that it’s a shame to live in such an amazing place but without a way to properly document my experiences. I mean, there are people who pay a small fortune to travel to Iceland to experience the perfect moment, where the northern lights dance wildly across the sky. There I was, in the country side of Iceland, experiencing the perfect moments. Those perfectly clear nights where the sky was lit up in green and red, I just had to take a step outside my door to see it. When realizing how fortunate I actually was, that’s when I decided to by my self a proper camera to to start documenting what I saw.

Northern lights over the south of Iceland

With a bit of practice I learned to shoot photos of northern lights, the magical green curtains on the skies.

So I started to snap photos of anything I saw and things I was experiencing. Naturally, I wasn’t really good at first, but I was convinced that my interest mixed with being stubborn would give me results. Which it did eventually. But the best thing about photographing is that until this day I’m still learning and becoming better ever. Taking photos was great fun, but most photos I took just ended up on a hard drive never to see the light of day again, except for when I decided to show it to friends or family. This is when I started looking for somewhere to share these photos. That’s when I started this blog, Iceland my Way!
I now share stories and photos on the blog as well as photos and videos on social media. The general goal with Iceland my Way, except for being a platform for me sharing my stories and photos, is to share fun facts and useful information about traveling in and to Iceland as well as inspire others to come here and visiting all these amazing places. I would like to encourage anyone who reads this to not be afraid of asking questions about Iceland, either in the comments on the blog or on social media, I’ll be more than happy to answer them as well as I can.

I hope this post makes future blog posts and posts on social media make more sense.


Thank you for tuning in, see you in Iceland!