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Review: Flying with WOW Air – cheap flights to Iceland


First off, let me make it clear that what I write below is not in any way a paid endorsement for any of the mentioned companies.

Here goes the full story.

WOW Air purple airplane

WOW Air purple airplane

This weekend I flew for the first time with Iceland’s low cost airline, WOW Air, from Keflavík, Iceland to Västerås, Sweden. Something I had decided never to do.
The thing is, I’ve always flown with Icelandair to and from Iceland, with a few exceptions. I’ve just always been so satisfied with the comfort, their service and the whole experience. I once tried a low cost airline called Iceland Express, which shortly after went bankrupt and was bought by WOW Air. My experience with Iceland Express was not good and I was so unsatisfied that I promised my self to always pay a little extra to fly comfortably with other airlines.

To get a few things straight, I’m in no way a snob who wants only the best things in life, I’m an average guy with an average to decent salary and in the store I do a lot of weighing quality vs. price against each other. A lot of the time I walk away with the cheaper item.

With that off the table, on with the story. Some two weeks ago I saw an offer with WOW Air advertised on Facebook with an irresistible low offer on tickets to Sweden. These tickets were on a great deal, too good to miss out on. Since my whole family and plenty of my friends live in Sweden I saw a great opportunity to show up there unannounced and surprise them.
So I discussed it with my girlfriend and shortly there after we booked the flight. The experience starts here.

And… if you don’t appreciate reading, let me tell you the short version.
Yes, WOW Air is cheap.
Yes, everything is purple.
Yes, you get what you pay for.
Yes, I would fly with them again.


Booking the flight

The experience of traveling somewhere of course starts with dreaming, longing then booking and paying. The last two mentioned can be differently pleasant.

So, the offer we found on Facebook said something like “Cheap flights to Stockholm for 5.990 ISK per person”. The headline for sure does the job and turns your head and makes you think “can that be true?”. Well, it sort of is, and sort of isn’t.
What I’m about to explain is nothing new if you have flown with a low cost airline before. The 5.990 ISK is not the final price.
The 5.990 ISK is without airline related taxes and other costs, it’s one way and in the price is included 1 piece of hand luggage up to 8kg and very much size restricted.
Since we were going for 4 nights we decided to add a 20kg bag to check in. We also decided to pay extra for booking seats to be sure that we would get to sit next to each other.
Booking through WOW Air’s website was a joy and went smoothly. All in all we payed about 35.000 ISK for 2 people both ways. In my book, that’s still a win even though it might be slightly higher than what the advertisement told me.

The flight

Considering my last experience with an Icelandic low cost airline, you can imagine that my expectations were not high for the flight it self. I purely booked thinking “what the hell, it will get us from point A to point B”.

The staff on the plane was as nice, helpful and polite as with any airline I’ve previously flown with. All dressed in WOW Air’s signature purple, which I think is an awesome touch. Combined with the funny one-liners and quotes strategically placed around the inside of the plane, it straight away creates a positive front.

The flight on the way back from Sweden was more enjoyable than on the way there. This mainly because of, on the way there, I had a large Icelandic gentleman in the seat in front of me who weighed so heavy on the back of his chair that his head almost was in my lap through out the flight. I’ll tell you, the chairs in the plane was not new. I saw quite a few seats where the backs were starting to give in, which is not necessarily uncomfortable for the person sitting in the seat, but mainly for the person behind him. Otherwise the seat space was adequate and what to be expected.

Over all the service was a delight. Smiling happy staff that served us good coffee, sandwiches and a pizza. Yes, that is correct, they serve pizza onboard. I’m not used to there being hot options on flights inside Europe, but WOW Air serves warm ham and cheese baguettes as well as margarita pizza. Thumbs up!


Flying with WOW Air over Iceland

Flying with WOW Air over Iceland

Even though I would have loved more space for my legs and smelly feet, even though I miss the Wi-Fi, even though I miss the in-flight entertainment screen in the seat in front of me, you get what you pay for. WOW Air got be from point A to point B and exceeded my expectations because of good staff and humor. Did I mention that the captain played loud funny music (Sven Ingvars, Säg inte nej) in the cockpit when we stepped on board the plane and spoke to his passengers that walked passed?

WOW Air, I think I’ll see you again.