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My top 5 best Vimeo videos of Icelandic nature

Iceland is truly a dream destination for many film makers and photographers.

With Icelands increasing popularity and technology evolving so much every day more and more amazing videos of Icelands stunning landscape emerge. When I started writing this I was sure it would be an easy task to round up my top 5 favorite Vimeo videos of Icelandic nature, but it was proven to be way harder than I thought. There are so much stunning footage out there once you start digging. Well I managed at last to gather them and here are my top 5, plus a few honorary mentions to make sure you don’t miss out on some stunning stuff!

Oh! And hey, don’t forget to press the HD button to let the footage really shine.


5. ICELAND. LAND OF FIRE AND ICE. – by Jordan Bastoni

With the quite recent addition and increasing population of drones we’re able to see things from a birds view, which I must admit is pretty darn cool. This video is a prime example of what new angles you can achieve with a drone and a camera.



There are few things that are as amazing as the midnight sun that occurs during Iceland’s summer months. During this time the sun actually never sets and the nights are as bright as the days. Here is some stunning footage of this phenomenon in some really cool locations.


3. WONDERLIGHTS – by Enrique Pacheco

If you’re like me, a sucker for the aurora borealis, this timelapse is a must watch. I’ll tell you one thing, capturing northern lights is easier said than done because of the long exposure time. It really requires good gear and a lot of patience. This one is really well done and accompanied by great dramatic music.


2. BEYOND NATURE – by Aprilgarden

This is a timelapse that video really shows Icelandic nature at it’s best and it’s presented with razor sharp footage. It also shows that it really pays of to be at the right place at the right time.


1. ICELAND, EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL – MAY 1ST & 2ND 2010 – by Sean Stiegmeier


This is a timelapse video by Sean Stiegmeier that I saw for the first time back in 2010 while the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption was still going on. I remember watching it over and over, stunned by the scenery and what Sean had managed to capture in this video. I was also surprised how beautiful the smoke and ashes from the volcano actually was while it caused a lot of chaos in the rest of Europe.

While the quality might not be 100% at all times, when you see this video in HD with good speakers, it all comes together perfectly and it captures you. Well, at least it captured me and made this my choice of best Vimeo video of Icelandic nature!


Honorable mentions: