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PHOTOS: Holidays in the Westfjords

This year we’re spending Christmas and New Years at the in-law’s. They live in the small town of Tálknafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland which is also where my girlfriend grew up. Since I’m from Sweden and she is from Iceland, we take turns celebrating the holidays in Iceland and Sweden, every other year.

Christmas for us is a wonderful time of doing more or less nothing. It gives time for conversations, watching movies, reading, eating (a lot) and this year we’ve squeezed in a few trips to the gym to still feel good about ourselves after eating so much. Yesterday we went to the magical place of Pollurinn, a hot spring far out in the Tálknafjörður fjord, far away from traffic, lights and distractions.

If you haven’t been to the Westfjords yet, then you should definitely put it on that bucket list of yours! The nature is just incredible and feels very untouched still. Here are a couple of photos that I’ve taken so far, it might give you an idea of what this place is like.

Happy holidays everyone!


On a walk in Tálknafjörður







Beautiful view over the snow covered fjordA walk out the pier in TáknafjörðurRoad to the WestfjordsRoad down the mountains to the Westfjords

The view from pollurinnPollurinn hot spring in Tálknafjörður
The old fishing boat Jón Júlí in TálknafjörðurHouses in the forrest in TálknafjörðurA walk in the woods in Tálknafjörður
Admiring the view of Icelandic snow covered mountains in Tálknafjörður
Fishing ships in the harbor of Tálknafjörður