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EAT & DRINK: The oldest coffee house in Reykjavík

PRIKIÐ Coffee House – A Reykjavík culinary classic.

Using the word culinary might be to exaggerate, but Icelanders for sure love their fast food

Recommended for: Breakfast, Burgers, Lunch, Hangover food

Prikið restaurant seen from Laugavegur
Prikið coffee house is located in the cutest and shabbiest little house on the main shopping street in Reykjavík, Laugavegur. Today Prikið has had open for over 60 years and opened first in 1951 which makes it the oldest coffee house in Reykjavík.

Photo from inside Prikið restaurant, a different experience

When you walk through the doors you actually feel like you’ve arrived in the 60’s. The decor is old style, the wooden floors that make squeaky noises, worn furniture and an interesting smell. Prikið is the true definition of a joint (in my opinion in a good way). But this is all a part of why this place is so popular, it feels warm, relaxed and homy.

At my last visit I went to meet up with a friend over burgers, milkshake and important discussions about world peace and more. We found a table on the upper floor with a nice window to stare through at people walking down Laugavegur.

The menu contains no less than 10 hamburgers all with interesting names like Sweaty Burger, Big Devil and Blue Moon Burger just to name a few. This is also a great place to have a good breakfast and/or a hangover meal after a long night out. In fact you can order yourself a ‘Hangover Killer’ from the menu. This is the complete package to cure the worst of hangovers and includes a juicy warm sandwich, a Bruce Willis milkshake (contains whisky) and a painkiller on the side. What else do you need?

The food menu at Prikið with a wide selection of burgers, drinks and more The food menu at Prikið with a wide selection of burgers, drinks and more

We ordered a Sweaty Burger, a Prikið’s ordinary burger, some Coke and a Bruce Willis shake on the side. Great meal to enjoy in a good atmosphere, simply.

A delicious so called Sweaty Burger at Prikið restaurant The infamous Brue Willis milkshake


Prikið is also a big part of the popular night life in Reykjavík. If you like hip-hop this is one of the places you must visit. During weekends you can also expect some dancing! I can strongly recommend Prikið as a place to hang at before midnight and it’s close to nightclubs if you feel like continuing later into the night.

The view from Prikið restaurant in to the back yard Inside one of the more interesting Restaurants in Reykjavík The bar at Prikið restaurant which is well sought during weekends by party people Another look at the food and drinks menu at Prikið restaurant