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THROUGH MY LENS: A walk on the side streets of Reykjavík

Ocean views in Reykjavík

When you’re in Reykjavík, don’t just stay on the main streets.

The side streets of Reykjavík are actually really interesting. What you will see there isn’t close to in any other big city. Just by walking a few streets away you will find yourself surrounded by the kind of houses that Reykjavík once was made of.

Not so long ago I did this and got fascinated by what I found.






Apartments with an ocean view

One of the more modern buildings in Reykjavík built to give people comfort and a great view.


The misplaced house

This house still stands but has been built around with many more modern buildings.


Hverfisgata houses

Houses along Hverfisgata in Reykjavík


Side street secrets

There is always something interesting to see on the side streets of Reykjavík.




Graffiti in Reykjavík

Graffiti is wide spread and a popular form of art in Reykjavík.






The black house on Hverfisgata

This house caught my eyes on Hverfisgata close to down town Reykjavík. A black house with a bright red roof isn’t something you see every day.


A side street to Laugavegur

This photo is taken from the side street next to Laugavegur, Reykjavík’s most popular shopping street.


Bæjarins bestu hot dogs

Bæjarins bestu Icelands most popular hot dog stand


The Reykjavík skyline

The Reykjavík seaside promenade and it’s skyline


Reykjavík harbor

The a bit more industrial part of the Reykjavík harbor