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Throw back: Summer 2016 in pictures

During the summer of 2016 we made a couple of good trips all over the beautiful Icelandic country. I haven’t shared most of those photos and feel that it’s a good opportunity to show them now. Here in Iceland we can feel the cold creeping closer to our skin and the sun gives us less and less time for every day that goes. This is a great time to enjoy some warming summer photos.

If you have any questions about the places we visited, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.



Arnarstapi Snæfellsnes

Late summer in Arnarstapi on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Summer sunset

Summer sunset over Úlfljótsvatn, South Iceland.

Reynisfjara beach summer 2016

Reynisfjara beach on the south coast of Iceland.

Fireworks in Reykjavík

Fireworks during Menningarnótt (culture night) in Reykjavík

Seljavallalaug swimming pool

Seljavallalaug swimming pool in the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull, south shore of Iceland.

Búðarkirkja Snæfellsnes

Búðakirkja church on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Relaxing in the tent

Relaxing in the tent at the Hellissandur camp site in Snæfellsnes

Snæfellsnes west Iceland

Walking the shoreline in Snæfellsnes, west Iceland.

Icelandic horse foal

A newly born of the famous Icelandic horses

Crossroads in Iceland

Time to make a decision. We couldn’t decide, so we visited both places

Cruise ship in Reykjavík harbor

A cruise ship leaving Reykjavík harbor. Viðey island in the background.

Snæfellsnes village in the west of Iceland

Stykkishólmur, a fishing village in Snæfellsnes.

Stykkishólmur lighthouse

The lighthouse in Stykkishólmur over watching the Breiðafjörður bay

Fjaðárgljúfur canyon

Crossing the river in Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, south Iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

A sunny afternoon at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Photo taken with the drone.

a group of seals in Iceland

A large group of seals relaxing on the shore close to Hvammstangi and Hvítserkur.

View from Skaftafell campsite

The view over Vatnajökull glacier and Hvannadalshnjúkur Iceland’s highest mountain seen from Skaftafell campsite.

Svínafellsjökull seen from above

Svínafellsjökull glacier seen from above. This is a glacier tongue down from Vatnajökull glacier.

Camping on a farmers field

Camping on a farmers field during a family reunion in the north of Iceland.

A lonely road close to Þingvellir

Us and our white steed close to Þingvellir national park.